August 1, 2012

How often to change the sofa

With wide experience in selling sofas, we have decided to share advice "how often to change the sofa" with our customers. It all depends on the quality of the sofa and how many people sit on it.
There are 2 types of sofas: the first type is expensive, they are often of high quality, and the second type is inexpensive, but featuring a low quality.

Usually an expensive sofa is in use from 2 to 4 years under normal use and treatment for it. (But of course if 2,000 people sat on the couch for a year, even if it is expensive, sofa quickly loses its previous form). On average, for a family of 5 people this sofa will serve about 3 years. Then sofa’s quality will be deteriorating, although it is still possible to sit and lie on it  for about five years (if you are Lucky). But experience shows that people do not like disharmony at their home especially if you can buy something beautiful and new. Thus they go back to the store for a new sofa : )

Inexpensive sofas serve from 1 to 2 years, not more, as this type of sofas is not designed for long use. Usually, the inexpensive quality sofas are designed for occasional use, such as in a home office room or in the country house. Of course, lonely people buying a sofa do not use it in a way that it can be frayed during a year.

If the sofa is used as a trampoline (on which you jump constantly), or if your pets often play on it, or if you move the couch 3 times a week, then no sofa could serve more than a year in such cases.
Prices for expensive sofas are not less than $ 600, while price of inexpensive one is about $ 499 on average.
Our advice is to change the sofa at least once every 3 years to keep your house always cozy and stylish.


Selection Collection Sofa in Maze Charcoal

Promenade Black Leather Reclining Sofa

Morris Chocolate Easy Rider Motion Sofa in Chocolate

Lily Contemporary Sofa / Neutral Microfiber Seat

Maloney Sofa in Espresso Bonded Leather Match
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Loft Sofa in Dark Gray Wool

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Courbusier Sofa in Black Upholstery

Black and White Fabric Sofa with Unique High Back

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