What to do with old furniture

So it is time to purchase new furniture, but you still do not know what to do with the old one? You are ready just simply throw it away, but you can’t, do you? Here is the trick, in this mini-article I will give some advices about getting rid of old and used furniture.

Firstly there are tons of websites which offers solving your old furniture problem. Some of them give you money, some of them don’t. However there is one more possibility. http://newyork.craigslist.org/zip/ here you just simply add your furniture as a free stuff and then someone who really needs a bed or a coffee table will be able to get it from you for free. Isn’t it good to help people?

You have a blog? Well this is also a great opportunity. If you have a lot of subscribers, then your advertisement about selling old furniture will be spread very fast and someone from your readers will be very pleased by the furniture you give to him. One more benefit may be that your number of readers may simply increase, because of the advertisement.

If all what I mentioned above is not suitable for you, there is another solution. E-bay or similar web-sites. Definitely you can leave some information and photos of your used furniture and may be even earn some money. But this is not a solution if your furniture is almost dead.

Charity is also a good solution. http://www.nationalfurniturebank.org/ , Vietnam Vets of America (small furniture only) and etc. There are tons of these kinds of organizations. You can definitely find them even in your neighborhood.