Leather furniture. Some tips and hints.

Leather furniture was never popular as it is today. Leather sofas and leather armchairs perfectly suit both office and home interior. To choose good, qualitative leather furniture you should know simple rules. These rules will help you not to make a mistake in a very responsible purchase.

decide what set of leather furniture you want to get, if it is a single sofa or a couple of armchairs. Just remember that if you get a set, do not purchase it partially, because there is a big chance of getting a color difference between the parts of the furniture set.
Secondly, do not rely only on the pictures, do not be lazy and go to the shop or the store and look at the furniture you are purchasing with your own eyes. The color gamma or something else may differ in the picture, than it is in real life. Moreover you should really look at the strain of the leather. After a lapse of time the strain may become weaker. And of course when you look at the leather furniture with your own eyes, you can judge the level of comfort of the furniture, which is absolutely important.
Thirdly, ask about the impregnation of the leather. Leather upholstery without tannery will not last long.  Chrome is used as a main material of tannery. Also you should look at the seams on the leather furniture. They should be straight and tight. Even slight faults may cause serious effects on the quality of the furniture. Double seams indicates a high quality of the furniture, however it also means that you should pay more money for it. Do not forget to ask recommendations about care of the leather furniture.