Where to buy furniture?

Why is it better to buy furniture in the region where you live?

I want to give a couple of reasons why you should buy furniture where you live or near the place of your residence.
My friend has bought a TV stand and sent me the photos. He wrote - what should I do now? I have received the TV stand with all the corners damaged and now its look is repulsive.
He lives in TX, but he bought TV stand in NJ. After that, he wrote to the store, but they also were shocked by such delivery. Many stores do not deliver goods over long distances by themselves and do that with delivery services such as FedEx and UPS, so they cannot control the condition in which the goods will be delivered.
My friend wanted to buy TV stand in NJ, because he liked the price in that store, and he could not find such a product in the stores of his region. Besides, he did not want to pay sales tax on the purchase and I understand him. After making an order, he has been waiting the delivery for two weeks and then he had to bring the purchase to the house by himself, (delivery services only deliver goods to the door at the best, but not in the house). When he signed for receipt and the delivery service car has gone, he opened the box and saw the sad result of his purchase. He began to write and figure out what to do. As a result, I can say that he has lost another 3 weeks. And all for what? He was trying to save $50, but lost so much time.
Hereof I concluded that when I buy large furniture, I will buy it in the city where I live or not very far from me.

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Now a brief conclusion:
1. Buying furniture in the region where I live, I can be sure that it will come to me undamaged.
2. Delivery will be faster.
3. I can always complain about something and know exactly where to apply to, seeing the office or store, not just the web-site.
4. If I want to return an item, it will be cheaper than sending the purchase back to another state.
5. Buying the goods, I pay tax. But it goes to the service of my city/block, etc.
6. I am sure that I can buy furniture at a discount, because the store has not to spend much money on shipping costs.
7. Buying furniture in the region where you live has more pros than cons.

Why is it better to buy furniture in the region where you live Why is it better to buy furniture in the region where you live Why is it better to buy furniture in the region where you live

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