History of the Big Apple Futons - our main partner

Michael Nazginov, the founder of the Big Apple Futons and other furniture store in New York, was a cab driver, in the first year of being in USA.  The first place for the future furniture store was located at 217 east 23rd street in NYC.  In May 1991 the Big Apple Futons furniture store was born right in this store.

After 7 years, in 1998 Big Apple Futons furniture store moved to another place, as the landlord decided to sell the building where Big Apple Futons conducted business at the first time. The new place was across the street in 240 East 23rd Street, between 2nd and 3rd avenues, so the store didn’t lose any of its clients due to the moving.

In the year 2002 Big Apple Futons decided to grow and got into manufacturing futon covers and importing furniture from Asia. A 20,000 square foot warehouse was rented at 5900 Decatur Street in Ridgewood, New York. Big Apple Covers was born in 2002

As, the business grew and more furniture was imported from Asia the direct pricing was passed onto the consumers.

In 2004 At Home USA opened its doors and all the modern sofa beds, modern dining room tables and chairs, modern TV stands and accessories that were imported for Big Apple Futons were also wholesaled to all furniture stores on the east coast.

In 2008 Big Apple Futons did not have enough space to sell all the modern furniture that was imported from Asia and another store was opened. Big Apple Style Furniture store is now located in the 487 3rd Ave between 32nd and 33rd Streets. 

Now that in 2011 we have the opportunity to move to a more central place in Manhattan, we have a room more than ever, with 3 floors. Now we are selling furniture to the new address. Our showroom is located at: 259 West 30 Street, New York and consists of 3 floors, where you can find different types of modern furniture. However the showroom can’t fit all of our furniture, which is stored in the warehouse. In case the choice in the showroom isn’t enough for you, it is always possible to look through the whole selection of our furniture in our main online-store FurnitureNYC.net

furniturenyc.net - is a special online furniture store which is devoted to all NYC residents and the prices are adjusted to New York City. Our online store represents more than 24 000 products, including bedroom, dining and living room furniture. 

- is created for those who is looking for futons and related products - sofas, sofa beds, beds and mattresses. Here you will find affordable futons, qualitative futon frames, platform beds and etc. You can count on free and fast shipping in New York.

bigapplestyle.us - this Store is created as an online web-site of our main Showroom in New York. All products, which could be found in the Showroom are reflected in the web-site and could be ordered online.

- is a special online RUG Store created just for those who are looking for qualitative and unique area rug. We have a big selection of modern and traditional area rugs of different styles and sizes.

gottagetacover.com - home furniture can be found in this specialized web-site. You can order from a big variety of different modern home furnishings, which are ideal for home decor.

- are you looking for a discount or you may be you need a sale? Well in the online catalogue you can find specially selected furniture with discount prices. Be sure that prices are lower than anywhere else in NYC.

- if you are looking for an individually styled sofa or just a really huge variety of different sofas, sofa beds, loveseats, chairs and etc. then this online store is ideal for you.

- this web-site is created for those who are looking for Loft Beds or may be Bunk Beds. Also in this store you may find kids' furniture and office furniture.

- regardless of the name, this web-site concentrates not only of loft beds and bunk beds. This online store accumulated different types of beds, like storage beds, platform beds and really extraordinary beds like Murphy Beds and Wall Beds.

- it is obvious from its name, that this online store specializes in different types of mattresses. However you may find other types of furniture, which are related to mattresses, like beds, futons and etc.

- this web-site is especially for those who live in NYC and are looking for a bed. Different types of beds, as well as other bedroom furniture.

- furniture from the most famous and well-known manufacturers in USA are collected in this online store. The web-site is for USA citizens and with free shipping.

- the web-site is aimed for those who are looking for a sofa from famous brands and manufacturers. The web-site is for USA citizens and with free shipping.