Are you sure that you are able to choose a perfect area rug?

It is though that a good carpet is like good wine. Throughout time it becomes only better and better. People of the East believe that a rug must be trampled during decades, to make the shag part into soft fiber. However most of today’s rugs and carpets will not withstand this kind of behavior and will abrade quickly. Today we shall talk about how to choose not only a beautiful, but a quality carpet.
Quality and durability of the rug totally depends on the density of the carpet. If the rug is handmade, then the density is measured with the quantity of lines on a square foot, if it is machine-made then it is important to notice the quantity of dots on a square foot.  It is extremely important to have a carpet with a normal level of density, otherwise you will have to clean and hoover the carpet frequently.
Let us now try to choose a rug from natural materials. Firstly turn the rug; does the pattern fully copy the design on the front-face? And does the shag attached to the carpet backing? If so then be sure that this rug is 100% natural. Of course it is silly to try to count the lines and the dots on the carpet. There is a good method to determine, whether the solidity is in the right level. Fold the edge of the rug. If you can see the carpet backing through the bend, then this carpet is not solid enough, because in a high quality carpets it will be impossible to notice the carpet backing.
There are another factors which you should always keep in mind is how will the rug suit your room. Firstly, decide what size you need. Little rugs emphasize a little section of the room, while a big carpet may totally change the impression which your room leaves. Secondly, the color and the pattern of the carpet must be in harmony with furniture and the room itself. Thirdly, you should decide what type of carpet you need. Before purchasing wool carpets, enquire whether the carpet was specially treated against moth, static-charge accumulation and mold. Silk carpets are the most beautiful and long-living. These carpets can change the color shade if you change the look-up angle. However these carpets claim huge attention to themselves and if you do not look after the carpet properly, the beauty of the silk will fade.

We hope that this article will help you to find the rug or the carpet, which will serve you long and make you happy.