April 16, 2013

Green Furniture

Here http://www.furniturenyc.net/!/green-furniture we selected only green colored furniture. Therefore, this spring you can give your home the spirit of spring and joy, not only outside but inside as well. We bring to your attention the green finished products, such as sofas, chairs, beds and tables.

Read also how the green color influences humans.
Influence of green color is opposite to the red color. It has a borderline position between groups of warm and cool colors (yellow and blue) and physiologically it is the optimal color. Absolute green is the quietest color among others and it is a symbol of harmony, nature and peace.

Green color is associated with spring, the awakening of nature, calm and reliability, but it also means the absence of development. In the heat, green color creates a feeling of coolness optically.

In chromotherapy green color:
~ has a calming and at the same time refreshing effect;
~ has a beneficial effect on vision;
~ regulates blood pressure;
~ permanently increases physical efficiency;
~ has a wholesome effect on the man in the postoperative period.

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