November 28, 2013

Funny Kids Rugs Collection

This gorgeous Pink Kids Area Rug will be a perfect addition to your little one's room. Made of cotton jersey.

November 26, 2013

White Commode Shelf for toilet

White Commode Shelf for toilet
Coaster cares even about such furniture. And if the toilet and bath are united into a single area, then it is even more convenient and useful furniture. White Commode Shelf includes storage shelves, glass door and a top cupboard.

November 11, 2013

Most Popular Headboard Styles

10 popular headboards

Each of us likes to spend time in the bedroom, where we can have a rest and gain strength for another day. A beautiful bed is the key to a good relaxation. But the perfect headboard makes the bed! Let’s see what types of headboards are the most popular.
The most famous and popular are 10 styles of headboards, which are divided into two categories: traditional and modern.

1. Made of wrought iron
2. Contemporary metal headboards
3. Wooden (made entirely of wood)
4. Wooden carved
5. Wooden slat design
6. Headboards with shelves or compartments
7. Headboards with closed shelves or cabinets
8. Fabric upholstered headboards
9. Leather/leatherette upholstered headboards
10. Pillow style

November 7, 2013

Ted Bed is universal piece of furniture for any room

The Ted bed is the multifunctional product, consisting of bed and two pillows - square and triangular. Special fasteners side mattress allow a few minutes to turn it into a comfortable sofa or chair-ottoman.At first time Ted Bed was presented in 2013 at the World Week of furniture.