June 23, 2014

5 Unique Styles of kids Bedrooms

5 Unique Styles of kids Bedrooms

Choosing a particular style for your kids' bedroom can change it into his or her favorite space in the house. We picked out 5 main styles of children's bedroom:

1. Girlish style
2. Boys style
3. Contemporary style
4. Traditional style
5. Transitional style

1. Girlish Style

All princesses would love the styling and elegance of girlish styled bedroom furniture! Pastel colors, beautiful floral ornamentation and carved details are the main features offered by girly design. The beautifully detailed furniture gives your little daughter's room an attractive atmosphere ideal for your young princess. Decorative embellishments, posts and moldings create a fairytale look, so your daughter will feel like a snow queen!

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2. Boys style

Bold in style and classic or contemporary in design, the kids furniture in boyish style is designed to make your little son feel him a young hero! A lot of space to play and masculine feel promote imagination and creativity in your children. One day their bedroom can be an airplane for your little traveler, the next it can be a cave in deep forest, the next… The boyish spirit adds warmth and character to your youth bedroom.

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3. Contemporary Style

What is contemporary or modern style? It is clean lines, smooth shapes and minimal accessories. The contemporary style with light colors and straight lines adds a clean, fresh look to your child's space. Smooth profiles instead of rich decoration, solid patterned fabrics and light or colorful prints will suit teens or creative children rather than small kids.

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4. Traditional Style

Traditional style flourishes and promises warmth and welcoming atmosphere. Rich wood tones and conservative colors, soft lines and edges, plaids, stripes and floral patterns… they all create subtle and classic appeal perfect for those kids who prefer reading and drawing rather than playing active games. Let your child familiarize with refined grace of XVIII century by choosing traditional and classic bedroom designs.

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5. Transitional Style

When hesitating between traditional and modern, choose transitional style and bring casual romance to your child's room. Not too cold, not too warm, not too formal, not too pretentious. This informal look serves to tie together contemporary flair and traditional elegance for harmony in any child's space. Want to make your child feel comfortable? Choose transitional styled kids furniture that blends the comfort of traditional design with the clean profiles of the contemporary look.

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